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     We remain steadfast in our mission of giving the Filipino people superior financial services.

     To safeguard the Filipino's hard-earned money, as well as maximize its earning potentials, we have peso and dollar savings accounts, business interest checking accounts, peso and dollar time deposits, and investment banking. We also offer payroll services, safety deposit boxes, deposit pick-up services, and online fund transfers.

     We help Filipinos achieve their goals through our corporate and retail financing, commercial, agricultural, industrial and housing loans, among others.

QCDB Products


Savings Deposit

  • Regular Savings with Passbook
  • Regular Savings with Passbook and ATM
  • SpeedCard ATM
  • SSS Pensioner Account
  • Star Savers Account
  • Business Payroll Account
  • Certified Gold Savings

Current Account

  • Business Checking with Statement
  • Business Checking with Statement & ATM
  • Business Interest Checking with Statement
  • Business Interest Checking with Statement & ATM
  • Business Interest Checking with Passbook
  • Business Interest Checking with Passbook & ATM
  • Business Checking Maximizer with Passbook

Peso Platinum Savings Account

  • Platinum Savings with Passbook

US Dollar Savings Account

  • Regular Savings with Passbook

US Dollar Time Deposit

  • US Dollar Time Deposit with Certificate

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Member: PDIC. Maximum Deposit Insurance for Each Depositor P500,000.00.

Loan Services

Commercial Package

  • Commercial Loans
  • Business Loan
  • Business Line of Credit
  • Industrial Loan
  • Domestic Bills Purchase
  • Receivables Rediscounting
  • Check Rediscounting
  • Gas Dealership
  • Standby Letters of Credit

Special Lending Package

  • Agricultural Loan
  • Term Loan
  • Real Estate Loan

Retail Financing Package

  • Housing Loan
  • Multi-Purpose Loan
  • Car Financing
  • Salary Loan

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Other Services
  • Fund Transfer (on-line)
  • Business Payroll Services
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • SSS Pension Accounts
  • Collection Services
  • Deposit Pick-up Services (armored car)
  • Gift Checks/Manager’s Checks
  • Foreign Remittance through Philpass Remit


For inquiries about these and other Queenbank products & services,
Visit or call your nearest
Queenbank Branch

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Comprehensive Salary Loan

    The Comprehensive Salary Loan is a multi-purpose loan that has an enhanced monitoring system. It is a salary, calamity and personal loan rolled into one. Whether you need money to pay for your child's tuition, medical expenses, home renovation or for whatever purpose, this is the one and only loan you need to apply for.

      The loan is open to employees of the bank's clients, i.e. those who have existing business loans or credit lines. Borrowers have to go through a credit scoring, which is part and parcel of a loan evaluation to determine if the employee is eligible. The Comprehensive Salary Loan has low interest rates and easy, flexible payment terms, making it very attractive and affordableto employees.

QCDB Salary Loan

Keeping Your Money Safe

     A pasalubong center in Iloilo City enjoys popularity nationwide for this is where tourists flock for their pasalubong items before they head back home. It has been in the business of selling breads and delicacies for more than 3 decades now. Starting with a humble shop in 1975, it has steadily grown and now has many branches in the city and province of Iloilo.

     The pasalubong center took advantage of our Night Depository service to ensure that the company's hard-earn money are kept securely.

     We understand the unique needs of every business and tailor made our products and services to make sure that these are met. At Queenbank, we keep our clients feel secure and happy.

Keeping Your Money Safe

Pushing For Growth

     Filipinos expect a grocery store to be filled with products that would meet their needs. To be able to do this, grocery owners need a space to display these items well, a warehouse and equipment such as freezers, carts, checkout counters and more.

     Queenbank remains to be a supportive financial institution that helps realize every grocery owner's desire to start his business and expand to try new markets.

Pushing For Growth

Expanding Reach

     Many households consider LPG as a basic necessity in making daily cooking faster and more convenient. With almost every home having this in its kitchen as well as the increase in the number of hotels, restaurants, and resorts in the cities and countryside, the demand for LPG also rises.

     In order for LPG companies to meet the increasing demand of the market, they have to add more capital to have a bigger warehouse, augment its stocks of LPG and increase their logistics support.

     Again, Queenbank provided the financial loan that enabled LPG companies to reach more homes and businesses.

Expanding Reach

Keeping Up With Modern Times

     Car care centers where vehicles are guaranteed to get the best repair and maintenance service also need financial support. They also need to invest in latest and most technologically-advanced equipment to ensure that vehicles get optimal care.

     A loan from Queenbank can help such modernization and expansion happen.

     With Queenbank, businessmen need not worry of the continued changing the technological landscape as they can always count on the bank to help them keep up with new technology and grow their business.

Keeping Up With Modern Times

A Supportive Business Partner

     Distributors of vans for private and commercial use and trucks used for logistics purposes such as transporting goods, container vans and more also need financing. Furthermore, such business venture would also need a bigger showroom and office space.

     Queenbank is a constant, loyal partner by sustaining these vans and trucks distributors' growth with our business loans that have competitive interest rates and easy payment scheme.

     Satisfied clients such as them what fuel us to continue serving with commitment, integrity and excellence.

A Supportive Business Partner

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

     Having a piggery and poultry business is no joke. Daily operations comprise of acquisition of animals, health and sanitation maintenance, ensuring sufficient stock of feeds, personnel matters and logistic support. Expansion also entails construction of new pens to accommodate more animals as well as hiring of more employees.

     It is to Queenbank where piggery and poultry owners turn to during times when financial support is needed. The friendly staff of the bank always welcomes clients with a smile and process loans and other transactions promptly. Our client's satisfaction is of utmost concern to us.

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

Sustaining People's Lifestyle

     Lifestyle malls are community-oriented alternative to the usual shopping malls as they offer dining, entertainment, shopping, banks, and health and wellness. Nationwide, lifestyle and entertainment centers are continuously being constructed. Shown in the photo is Plazuela, a multi-purpose lifestyle center that has an outdoor setting and amenities that are conducive to relaxation, entertainment and fitness activities.

     Queenbank is behind this project from start to finish. With financial capital from us, Plazuela Dos is currently being transformed from a mere architectural drawing into a fully-constructed lifestyle mall that will soon be the community's newest leisure destination. This is in line with our vision to be an agent of economic development in the country.

Sustaining People's Lifestyle

The relationship that builds stability
A Heart for SMEs.

        Owning a business is one of the many dreams of Filipinos as this will give them financial independence and a good life. The government pursues programs meant to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which is an advocacy very close to the hearts of the people behind Queenbank.

       A small business such as selling tahu may be a home-based undertaking at first, meant to support the basic needs of the family. With our business loans, we can help make any business grow and expand to reach more target market, thus, attracting new opportunities for profit.

       With our affordable loan schemes, finding a new location, acquiring better equipment, hiring personnel, purchasing raw ingredients in bulk, improving service and more are made possible. With expansion comes financial stability and better life for the filipinos.
       Loans are approved as early as two weeks after requirements are completed.


More than Banking

      The year 2015 has been a challenging one for Queenbank and other commercial banks. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas came up with new and stricter loan regulations that give focus on the borrower’s capacity to pay. We had to make some adjustments on our loan policies to comply with the new regulations and be more attuned to the needs of our clients.

     We are happy to report that Queenbank has remained competitive in the banking industry, having built a strong foundation through the years we have been on the business. Despite the new loan regulations set by the government, our loan statistics has risen and continue to increase to this day.

      We believe this is because we have earned the trust and confidence of our thousands of clients who have been with us for years.

     We are more than just a bank. We are our clients’ partner in success. We help them achieve their goals and have a better life.

Pushing for Growth & Success

Upgraded Services
Deposit Pick-Up Services

     Queenbank's deposit pick-up service allows business owners to engage in banking without them leaving their offices.

     Since it is committed to securing its clients' monetary resources, the bank has shifted its deposit pick-up services to high gear. It now offers the service - for free - to big entrepreneurs and retail businesses that need to transfer a huge volume of cash daily from their establishment to the bank.

     Thus, the company's hard-earned money is secure. And no more waiting in line.

Pick-up Armoured Van


Improved Philpass Remit

     Philpass Remit, which provides OFWs security and ease in sending money to loved ones in the Philippines, has widened its coverage in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, United States of America and other Asian countries.

     The sender goes to accredited remittance centers abroad which transmit funds to the Philippines through Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Afterwards, the beneficiary will receive the money within 72 hours.

     With Philpass Remit, OFWs' hard-earned money is properly safeguarded from fraud and mishandling.

Valuing the Filipino Family
Building homes. Building dreams.

     Living one's dream has become a lot more easier with Queenbank's housing loan.
     Family providers dream of giving their brood a nest of their own. A need that Queenbank perfectly understands and supports.

     The bank's loan specialists work with clients to help them find the right loan option that fits their needs and lifestyle.

     One can avail of Queenbank's housing loan for (1) acquisition of lot, a house and lot or condominium unit, (2) house construction, (3) house renovation or (4) refinancing. All these at a low interest rate.

     Queenbank makes sure that it meets its clients' expectations.

QCDB Housing Loan

A partner in education

     The Department of Education has implemented the K to 12 Program last 2013 to strengthen the country's educational system. It aims to improve early childhood education, make the curriculum relevant to learners and ensure seamless learning.

     Realization of these goals requires the building of better classrooms and acquisition of modern facilities.

     Queenbank, through its varied products, helps schools cope with these requirements toward better education.

     Furthermore, Queenbank gives back a portion of the bank's service fee to the school so that it can fund its social activities.

School 2014 

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