Queen City Development Bank (QUEENBANK) is an established private development bank based in lloilo City that started its operations with a paid-up capital of P4M on July 18, 1981. This gave llonggos a taste of the real llonggo banking service, according to Queenbank's founder Dr. Rogelio Florete. "It was a gratifying moment in the bank's history as small businessmen, farmers and even depositors residing in and outside lloilo City flocked to either open a savings account or apply for small loan," he said.

     With a total of 15 branches nationwide and growing, Queenbank offers a wide range of traditional products and services to individuals, corporations and small and medium entrepreneurs such as retail banking, consumption, agricultural, auto, housing, multi-purpose loan and others. Over the 38 years of experience in the banking industry, Queenbank has been continuously implementing improvements to focus on providing banking excellence and exceptional customer service to our clients by investing in various areas that include system upgrades, branch development and hiring and training the best people.

     One of the strategies of the Bank to continuously enhance its image and raise public awareness of its deposit products and services is through advertisements. This will help gather new clients in wider market coverage.

     The Bank recently completed its migration to the new core banking system which helps improve the operational efficiency and service quality of the bank. With the new system, the Bank derives data quality improvement and timeliness of generating internal, external and regulatory reports, especially for decision making processes. This also helps the Bank to develop new products and services on loans and deposits that will suit the needs of the customers.

Queenbank's Mobile App is Finally Here!

QCDB Mobile App

How to Download and Log-In to the Queenbank Mobile App?

Hassle-Free Payments and Fund Transfers


     We constantly work on customer satisfaction, seeking ways to provide products and services that answers the needs of our clients. We have fully implemented our core banking system and this paved the way to new services such as bills payment and Interbank Fund Transfer (IBFT).

Our clients enjoy hassle-free payment of their utility and credit card bills at any of our branches and ATMs spread throughout the country. Plus, they get real-time information on their accounts anytime, anywhere.

Meanwhile, through the Interbank Fund Transfer (IBFT), clients can now easily transfer funds from their Queenbank accounts to other banks in the country at any of our ATMs. Keeping track of their account balance and transactions is now faster and easier as well. They can even secure a statement of account (termed as mini-statement) showing the 10 latest transactions via the ATM.